Tim is a worship leader, artist, and designer; both graphic and production. He has a broad range of skills that uniquely positions him to work with many different types of people and organizations. He is an accomplished vocalist, pianist, and guitarist. His knowledge of a wide variety of musical instruments allows him to orchestrate, arrange, and direct diverse groups of musicians. His vocal expertise also allows him to arrange and direct for vocal groups and choirs. But above all the knowledge and skill Tim brings to the table, his primary calling and passion is leading worship. Whether that is him sitting at a piano and singing some of the classic hymns, or from guitar leading a large group with modern & cutting edge music, the annointing on his ministry is evident. He has led worship for a variety of environments, and is comfortable leading young and old alike.

Tim currently serves on the core team of worship ministry at Christ Fellowship, a large multi-campus church based in West Palm Beach, Florida, with over 20,000 weekend attendees and over 40,000 members. Tim provides leadership to musicians across all 6 campuses as well serves as a worship leader at the main campus.


Not only is Tim a gifted worship leader and musician, but he has a passion in media creation and technology. He is a freelance web & graphic designer with a wide range of clients, from churches and ministries to law offices and construction companies. He loves helping others market their organization in the most effective and modern way possible.

In addition to his full-time roles, Tim is honored to give back by serving as vice-president on the board of Project58, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides relief and means of sustainability to countries like Haiti and Guatemala.

Tim's Family

Tim and his wife, Misty, have been married for eight years, and have two children, Gavin and Grace. They both hail from St. Louis, Missouri, and are avid Cardinal fans. They currently make their home in sunny South Florida.

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